Our Coffee

The Knockrow Ridge Roast House is located at Newrybar in the Byron Bay Hinterland.  Here the magic of artisan coffee roasting happens.

We use single origin 100% Australian Arabica beans, wet processed and grown at high altitude on rich volcanic soils.  Expertly roasted to produce the freshest, finest speciality coffee customers of Knockrow Ridge have come to expect.


The Beans

The secret to the taste of a particular coffee is rarely one thing.  But most roasters would agree on the importance of selecting the right raw product – the green beans.

At Knockrow Ridge Coffee we are committed to supporting the Australian coffee industry and providing freshly roasted premium quality coffee to our customers’ door.  We do not roast imported beans. We select only premium quality, 100% Australian grown, processed and packaged Arabica beans, low in caffeine and free from harmful sprays.

Our beans are machine harvested, wet processed and dried to achieve the optimum moisture content, after which they are packaged into bags to be rested before being transported to our Roast House in the hinterland to Byron Bay.

The Roast

At Knockrow Ridge Coffee we roast in small batches to meet orders, ensuring your coffee is as fresh as possible. Roasting is undertaken in a traditional roaster (without the aid of computers).

Care and attention underpin our approach to producing premium coffee and each roast is tested for quality and consistency.

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